Projects Completed from 2000. to 2011.

  1. Harmonization of the Yugoslav law with the European Union’s commercial law and the European Council standards
  2. Agreement on the development of a comparative study for the drafting of a new Law on Scientific Research
  3. Input for the drafting of an Action Plan for the harmonization of Serbian laws with relevant EU regulations
  4. Drafting a comparative legal study for the Draft Law on Cooperatives
  5. Comparative analysis and drafting of the Law on Trade
  6. Drafting an expertise paper for the Draft Law on Cultural Goods and harmonization of penal provisions
  7. Drafting a comparative study and Draft Law on Culture
  8. Drafting a Law on Diaspora
  9. Monitoring and informing the competent authorities of the activities of UNCITRAL, UNDROIT and the Hague Conference on Private International Law
  10. Drafting an Action Plan for the reform of Serbia and Montenegro’s defence system and drafting of laws and other legal acts in accordance with the action plan
  11. Input for the drafting of Serbia’s Strategy for Acceleration of the Accession of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the European Union
  12. Harmonization of Yugoslav law with the European conventions on human rights and fundamental freedoms
  13. Development of a comparative legal study and a Model Supplementary Health Insurance Law
  14. Monitoring of the independence and capacity of the judiciary according to the EU MAP methodology
  15. Drafting comments to the new military legislation
  16. Drafting a Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination
  17. Harmonization of the national legislation with the EU law – SDC funded project