Partners from all social sectors normally request from the Institute for Comparative Law information about the contents of foreign laws – explanations of the contents of various norms, their interpretations and legal practice. They need advice relating to the establishment and closure of businesses, especially with respect to banks and insurance companies during various business assessments. The Institute specializes in the development of legal acts for legal entities in different branches of industry that help them regulate internal relations in a proper way and establish effective procedures.

The Institute has had success also in developing position papers for public advocacy, based on the best comparative practices and standards in human rights protection, most often at the invitation of various business associations advocating for a change in the legal framework regulating the legal status of their members, as well asrelating to changes in the regulatory framework at the request of the state institutions, independent agencies and civil society organizations.In addition, the Institute is able to support its partner organizations in developing legal capacity of their staff through targeted trainings on the implementation of sectoral regulations.

The Institute for Comparative Law is very interested in strengthening cooperation with the private sector in all areas of law, as well as in continuing its work with state institutions, independent agencies, and civil society organizations. In this way, the Institute contributes to the improvement of the legal life in Serbia, strengthens the practical value of its business, and provides additional revenues for its sustainable business.

The Institute’s expertise is objective, neutral, and comprehensive in relation to the topic it researches, considering that its staff have been trained for decades to undertake all tasks in this way.

The partners receive from the Institute updated and verified information in a clear format, direct and highly professional answers to every question, with full respect for secrecy and confidentiality in relation to all the information used.

The Institute of Comparative Law brings together highly qualified researchers and other professionals from Serbia and all parts of the world, providing its partners excellent service quality and exceptional user experience at affordable prices.

Having in mind the professional profile of all local and foreign researchers it engages, the Institute is capable to respond quickly and responsibly to the demands of its partners in almost all areas of law.

All requests for cooperation are considered promptly, and potential partners submit their proposals for the Institute’s engagement including team members, description of the scope and method of work, timelines and costs.

This website provides brief descriptions of the most common areas of the Institute’s engagement for the purposes of legal entities. If you have a suggestion for cooperation, please feel free to contact us directly through email or land mail. Email:, Address: IUP, Terazije 41, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

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Opinions related to national or foreign law

Being aware of the contents of foreign law is crucial for making decisions about doing business with foreign partners ordoing business outside the borders of one’s country, as well as for deciding on the choice of the applicable law...

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Regulation and Public Policy Drafting and Advocacy

Drafting laws, by-laws, and public policies advocating change in a particular area requires complex legal knowledge and experience. At the same time, consideration should be given to the protection of general (social) interests and to the specific...

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Strengthening Human Resources’ Legal Capacity

Ignorantia iuris quique nocet (Ignorance of the law is harmful to all) – is a maxim that is applicable to both individuals and legal entities. Business entities therefore need to improve continually the knowledge of their employees...

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Establishing and Closing Legal Entities

The researchers at the Institute of Comparative Lawhave acomprehensive expertise in the areas of company law, insurance law and bankruptcy law, as well as an excellent knowledge of the development of legislation and practice in Serbia...

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