Strengthening Human Resources’ Legal Capacity

Ignorantia iuris quique nocet
(Ignorance of the law is harmful to all) – is a maxim that is applicable to both individuals and legal entities. Business entities therefore need to improve continually the knowledge of their employees and their compliance capacities.

The researchers at the Institute of Comparative Law have a longstanding experience in transferring professional knowledge to students, but also to judges and prosecutors, future lawyers, and holders of judicial functions, experts, civil servants, and business people.

The Institute is able to develop and implement staff trainings in the areas of law important for the operations of business entities, which are tailored to the specific needs of the business, and in particular trainings in the proper application of sectoral regulations, such as insurance regulations, labour legislation, international sales of goods, regulations in the field of planning and construction, and bankruptcy. The Institute is also able to support its partners in preparing for exams for obtaining licenses, especially in the part relating to the organization and functioning of the state administration.

The researchers at the Institute have a longstanding experience in bar exam preparation courses, trainings for judges and prosecutors for the application of new regulations or preparation for the application of the EU regulations, as well as experience in the strengthening public and private sector employees for the building permit issuance procedure in an integrated procedure, and in other areas. The high reviews received from the participants and the training course organizers testify to the ability of the researchers at the Institute to transfer knowledge and develop the skills of the trainees with success and quality.