The main activity of the Institute of Comparative Law is comparative research, and its mission is to analyze critically and present to the public legislative solutions in other countries and supranational organizations, as well as the latest developments in international law, contributing with its expertise to the development of legal science, modern legislation and quality solutions of contemporary legal challenges in Serbia and the Western Balkans region.

The Institute of Comparative Law performs the following activities:

  • collects, translates, and researches data on legislation, legal science and practice in other countries, and analyzes relevant issues of international and comparative law;
  • researches the European Union law, and is engaged in the harmonization of the national law with the European law;
  • through its publications and in other ways, informs the professional public in the country about foreign and international law, and informs the foreign public about the status of the national legislation, practice, and achievements in legal science;
  • performs fundamental research in the comparative and international law domains;
  • participates in the reform of legislation, especially by drafting legislation in various fields, proves expert opinions, prepares elaborates, studies, analyses, etc.;
  • publishes monographs, periodicals, and other publications;
  • organizes scientific conferences and expert meetings regarding especially significant and current issues;
  • cooperates with corresponding scientific and expert institutions in country and abroad;
  • collects and keeps relevant documentation (collections of regulations, official gazettes, books, periodicals, etc.).

The Institute of Comparative Law participates in the Basic Research Program funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. In the evaluations of the projects participating in the competitions of the relevant Ministry, the Institute has been traditionally rated the highest, topping all others competing with topics in the field of legal sciences.

The Institute employs some 30 researchers with research and scientific titles and administrative staff. The Institute’s associates have been trained at the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford, University of Freiburg, European University Center of Nancy, London School of Economics and Law, etc.