The Institute’s library contains over 24.000 titles, and during the decades-long exchange and otherwise, the library book fund has been enriched by some 200 journals. Considering its characteristics, it is one of the richest legal libraries in the country.

All legal areas are included: theory and philosophy of law; international, public, and private law; comparative law; all segments of civil law (real, obligatory, family-hereditary, commercial, maritime, aviation, and labor law); intellectual property law; as well as civil procedure; constitutional and administrative law; social protection; and insurance. The library safeguards a somewhat more modest book fund of recent editions in criminal law, considering that in 1962 the Institute ceded all the books (592) and publications (15) in this field to the Institute for Criminological and Criminal Research.

In addition to legal literature, mostly foreign, the library contains also a considerable number of titles in the areas related to legal sciences: sociology, politics, political economy, public finance, culture, education, religion, etc.

The library includes also many lexicons, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other handbooks.

In addition to books, the library contains also scientific and professional journals, mostly foreign.

Until 1990s, the library received regularly publications and official gazettes from thirty countries. Unfortunately, in the recent decades, the Institute has not been able to afford regular subscription to these editions or pay access to specific data banks, and has had access to their contents, on needs basis, most frequently thanks to the kindness of their external associates.

The most important publications of the Institute of Comparative Law, issued mainly over the last 10 years, are publicly available in electronic form.