Yugoslav Law (1974-2005)

Union of Jurists’ Associations of Yugoslavia published journal New Yugoslav Law from 1950 to 1967 in English and French in order to introduce to the foreign readership law of the socialist Yugoslavia. Unfortunately due to the financial difficulties the journal ceased to exist.

At the initiative of Institute of comparative law, Union of Jurist’s Association had accepted to relaunch the journal as co-publisher with the Institute under the name Yugoslav Law. The idea was to publish journal in French and English (and in other languages when necessary) three times per year.

It was envisioned to publish articles from legal experts, court decisions, overview of the legislative activity in Yugoslavia, Yugoslav legal bibliography and chronicles of legal life in Yugoslavia.

By relaunching the journal, the publishers hoped to allow to foreign legal experts to get acquainted with Yugoslav law and thereby contribute to overcoming the differences and establishing a better mutual understanding.

Journal was published for three decades – from 1974 to 2005.