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Can internet voting increase turnout and „enhance“ democracy and why not?

It is widely spread standpoint in our media that a clear and sunny day may bring a beneficent contribution to the voting turnout increase. Do the place and method of voting, together with the weather conditions really have such a determining influence on a decision whether we will use our active voting rights or not? If, on the other hand, statistics are to be believed, the matter with the weather is quite the opposite – higher turnout has traditionally been recorded on those “raining cats and dogs” election days.[1] So, we asked ourselves what is the situation with the method itself we exercise our right to vote?

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5 years of the GDPR – is Croatia finally making its first steps towards effective implementation?

The GDPR recently celebrated 5 years of its existence. And while many European countries are busy shaping the standards of data protection, this is far from a universal phenomenon. True, it may be hard to discuss matters such as data protection, when the country still holds the 57th place on the global corruption rank and is above average when it comes to unemployment and inflation. However, this cannot justify the Croatian Agency for the Protection of Personal Data (AZOP) making the issues worse.